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FLO PMS Vitamins

Copywriter | Social Strategy | Digital Design | Art Direction

FLO is a project designed for social media and digital advertising purposes. I focused on art that provoked women empowerment in a more authentic way. The full scope of this project is 3 in feed posts and 3 accompanying stories that matched the current brand voice of the FLO Instagram account. 

Concept Creation | WIP

Focus on women who made history and inspire women to be better, showcasing the struggles they overcame - i.e. every woman has a period, that doesn't hold her back from making history.


FLO is a preventative vitamin to help with PMS symptoms and prevent your everyday life from being affected.


Launch each post on Instagram within the feed of the account accompanied by a caption with a description of the woman featured in the post


Create story advertisements that mirror the posts as they are posted to the feed


Create in feed advertisements to reflect the current information posted on the social account


Include link to

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