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Netflix | Bridgerton

Copy Writer | Art Direction | Experiential Campaign | Integrated Campaign

Netflix | Bridgerton is an integrated campaign that included social media, print, and experiential facets. The goal of this campaign is to capture the romance and mystery of each of the previous seasons that fans have come to love.

Social Media  | Instagram

This part of the campaign focuses on engaging fans through Instagram, using the platform to interact with fans and promote the experiential sections of the campaign.

Partnership | Korbel Champagne

The custom label of this bottle of Korbel Champagne is inspired by icons from the Bridgerton series. A partnership with Korbel would not only promote the new season, but also allow fans to immerse themselves in the Bridgerton experience.

Print | Magazine

The theme of romance and mystery is continued through full page print ads featured in magazines that appeal to the target and focus on women interest, entertainment, and travel. 

Experiential | Watch Party

The  final section of this campaign aims to fully immerse super fans into the Bridgerton experience.

Select fans will be chosen by Netflix and Bridgerton team through social media.
Fans will be sent watch party pack and asked to host watch party with exclusive viewing in home of episode 1 from season 3.

Concept Creation | WIP

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